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Are Shoulder Holsters Good for Concealed Carry?

Concealed carry is a practice that empowers individuals to discreetly carry firearms for personal protection. While there are various methods and holsters available, shoulder holsters have gained attention for their unique advantages. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore shoulder holsters for concealed carry, learning their pros and cons, factors […]

Vertical vs Horizontal Shoulder Holster for Conceal Carry

Concealed carry is a crucial aspect of personal defense, and choosing the right holster is important for both comfort and accessibility. Among the various holster options available, shoulder holsters offer a unique and discreet carrying method.  However, when it comes to shoulder holsters, a heated debate exists between the proponents […]

How to Wear a Shoulder HolsterHow to Wear a Shoulder HolsterHow to Wear a Shoulder Holster

Nowadays, personal protection meets fashion. Shoulder holsters offer a unique and sophisticated alternative to traditional belt holsters that many people would like. Worn beneath a jacket or coat, shoulder holsters provide quick and easy access to your firearm while maintaining a low profile, making them a popular choice among law […]

Different Types of IWB Holsters

When it comes to concealed carry, finding the perfect holster is crucial for firearm owners seeking both comfort and discretion. Among the many options available, Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) holsters have gained immense popularity.  These holsters offer an effective means of carrying a firearm carefully, providing easy access while keeping it concealed […]

How Does a Retention Holster Work

There is nothing more than skill and knowledge in the firearm industry to become a pro gunslinger. Speaking of knowledge, do you know how does a retention holster work? If not, this article will save your life by talking about it. Understanding the holster retention level and its working process […]

How to Adjust the Retention on Your Holster

Holsters are lifesavers, but a poorly adjusted holster can cause the total opposite in critical situations! That’s why thousands of people search for guides on how to adjust the retention on your holster.  It’s because retention will keep the guns securely inside the holsters. Today, we will discuss retention, why […]

How to Break in a Leather Holster

Leather holsters are handmade to have your gun tucked in most finely! But, unlike Kydex or plastic, leather cannot instantly be reshaped when needed. So, we came up with the quickest guide on how to break in a leather holster. However, most individual panics after getting their leather holster too […]

Do Kydex Holsters Scratch Your Gun

Do you consider yourself a true enthusiast of firearms? Then you have been familiar with kydex holsters. But do kydex holsters scratch your gun? While having plenty of benefits for different purposes, this material has its own flaw. Not our words, but the myth from internet forums put kydex holsters […]

The Importance of Using Gun Holsters

From carrying a gun to using a gun, the importance of holsters cannot be understood in one word. A holster allows you to carry the gun everywhere. But many people think a holster is just about protecting the gun from dust! Well, the importance of a holster will be clear […]